"Greg Fundis can execute a commanding minutes-long drum solo that would make the real John Bonham green with envy" - A.V. Club read full article

"high-velocity improvisations driven hard by drummer Greg Fundis' eruptions" -Chicago Tribune read full article

"Fundis kicked out a percussion interlude that was some of the best drumming I've ever seen. It was Brian Blade-esque. This guy is one hell of a drummer." -Chicago Jam Scene read full article

"Greg Fundis’ acoustic and electric drum kit open up new frontiers for the time honored genre. . .Fundis’ electric drums can sound like they are bouncing off the moon before reaching the audience’s ears or they can pierce through the air like lasers at the speed of light. Greg does a great job of balancing the styles of acoustic jazz trap drumming with electric percussion. His acoustic solos are clean and articulate, using the digital pads to spice his rhythms." -JamBands.com read full article

"drummer Greg Fundis was in complete control from the word go. Greg, with an assortment of both acoustic as well as electric drum components mixed in amidst his command station, monitored the ever-shifting flow of the raging river that is the Flat Earth Ensemble. From trickling creek to furious rapids, Greg played with tempo, power, precision and an unwavering endurance that left me awestricken and downright mind-blown."

-Tyler S. Live.Music.Life blog read full article

"Our local connection to 56 Hope Road is Greg Fundis, Springfield native and drummer extraordinaire. Fundis now lives in Chicago but spends most of his time on the road with the band, laying down the most fabulous grooves imaginable. He seems to get your body going. . .It's nice to be dancing along to the beat and then start listening and going, "Wow! This makes me feel good!" -Tom Irwin, Illinois Times